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Sarah Director & Laser Therapist
Louise Director & Laser Therapist
Jackie Director & Laser Therapist

Sarah has over 7 years experience in the laser field in an NHS setting for a private nationwide laser company. She has a wide knowledge of laser treatments and has worked with some of the best Consultant Dermatologists in the UK.

She is passionate about delivering an excellent service to all of Erase's clients. Constantly striving to improve the quality of Erase's service is a key factor and she really enjoys connecting with clients and seeing the progress that they make throughout treatment, seeing their confidence grow from the results that they achieve.

Also pursuing a degree in adult nursing after becoming a fully trained laser therapist Louise has brought to the clinic a whole host of transferrable skills from her extensive background in health and customer relations.

She has a keen interest in the vascular side of laser therapy and is dedicated to providing the best possible service at Erase by ensuring client satisfaction in all aspects of their journey.

Coming from a background within the healthcare setting at James Cook, Jackie has brought many transferrable skills with her which also include skills from her additional extensive background in customer services.

Fully trained and qualified in laser therapy after a career change Jackie excels in the different aspects Erase offer, making each and every one of our clients feel at home.

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