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Fungal Nail Treatment


Fungal Nail Treatment.

Fungal nail infections are very difficult to treat. Once you develop one it is unlikely to go by itself. Our bodies can fight off viruses or bacterial infections but not fungus.

Laser treatment is recommended if you have a fungal nail infection that’s particularly stubborn. The laser emits high doses of light energy which are used to destroy the fungus that lives in the nail bed, allowing the nail to then grow out with normal appearance.

Research shows that laser treatment is a safe and effective procedure with some studies reporting a success rate of up to 90% at three months.

The laser is targeted via the nail matrix and absorbed into the nail bed allowing the generated heat to kill the dermatophytes and fungal infection. Results are then seen as the nail grows out.

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Fungal Nail Treatment Middlesbrough

Fungal Nail Improvement after just one session

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