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Transgender Laser Treatment

Your transitional journey.

Transitioning ladies face daily challenges to mask facial hair and also preparing more sensitive areas for surgical transition.

Laser hair removal in today’s society is imperative for our transgender clients to be able to live comfortably. We have over 5 years experience of providing a personalised service to ensure our clients both male and female feel comfortable, accepted and confident in the service they receive.

We have a top quality Cryo Cooler system to Cool the skin during treatment and minimise discomfort

In any case, laser treatment involves far less discomfort than conventional electrolysis.

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Your journey with us.

Our comfortable clinic sees a number of transgender patients on a regular basis. We do find that some clients are unsure about which areas can be treated. The most straightforward way to answer this is that we are comfortable removing hair anywhere on the body, provided you are comfortable with the process.

Laser hair removal can be the perfect solution for transgender and transsexual patients looking to eliminate or decrease body or facial hair. The most frequently treated areas include the chest, stomach, back, pubis, buttocks, perianal and the arms and legs.

Your treatment journey.

All patients receive a free consultation prior to treatment, and this is your chance to ask our caring and knowledgeable staff any questions you may have about treatment.

For almost every male-to-female transgendered person, the beard is the real project area for permanent hair removal. It should be noted that properly managed hormone therapies will greatly alleviate or eliminate bodily hair, and accordingly, the need for body laser.

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